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An alternative to Liposuction : Lipotomy©

A non-surgical method for destroying cellulite

The word lipotomy© is a neologism formed from the root word "lipo" meaning fatty tissue, and the suffix "tomy" which means to sever or to rupture. In a lipotomy©, pressure is exerted on the tissue causing the cellular membrane to rupture. This procedure is the only progressive and permanent non-surgical treatment available for superfluous fatty deposits, the orange peel effect and tissue slackening.

The destruction and firming of subcutaneous tissue is achieved by means of hyperhydration achieved through the injection of a diluted serum.

The results are then maximised with the use of external ultrasound waves.

Over the past 5 years this method has been proven in both the United States and France and has been granted an INPI patent

Lipotomie© on video

Dr Serge Bernstein (inventeur) - Tél. : 08 00 95 22 22 - Des centres en France : info@lipotomie.com